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Thank you for visiting The Summit! 

Do you believe that the Bible is the true word of God? Absolutely! It is God’s Word and the final authority of life and truth.  Please check our statement of faith for a deeper look at that.


What do you offer for children and youth throughout the week? For children of all ages (including middle and high school) we have AWANA on Wednesday night. On Thursday nights we have youth group for middle school (Gravity) and for high school (The Resistance). We also have Quest for young men which is an outdoor adventure group. For more info on all of these groups, please see the info listed under their specific ministry.


I have heard the word “intergenerational” used around here. What do you mean by that? The basic idea behind the word is the idea of all of the ages of our church working together. This happens very naturally in most churches with the adults and the children, but not so with the teens. Most churches build a “youth group” that is essentially separate from the church as a whole. We have determined that this is the main reason why so few teenagers, as a rule, stick with church attendance after high school graduation. The sad reality is that they just don’t have many adult relationships within the church. So we seek to foster and build those relationships through a myriad of ways. A few examples would be worship teams, assistant teachers throughout our children’s ministries, church-wide events run by the teen, etc…


What are your strengths as a church? Every person you ask may have difference answers but the first off the top of my head are the family feel, the “come as you are” attitude, the quality of our weekend worship services, and the reality that nobody has to be perfect around-not even the pastors.


What ministries are available for men and women? I would send you in three directions; women’s ministry, men’s ministry, and our life group board. Check out their sections of the web site and that should fill in the blanks a bit.


How many people attend each service? I’d say about 50-75 on Saturday night, and about 125 at each of our Sunday morning services.


Will I have to introduce myself in front of everyone? No, but we do have a time to greet one-another during the opening song. During that short time everyone is encourage to say hello to one-another, and most everyone will honor your personal space. If that bothers you just show up about 5 minutes late and you’ll be able to avoid it. I’m sorta kidding, sorta not.


What kind of music do you have? Our worship is contemporary in style with electric guitars and drums joining the more traditional instruments. Most of our songs can be heard on your local Christian radio station, but we also love to honor the hymns. Though the recording is often spotty, you will get a decent feel by listening to some of it here on the web site.


What is your stance on tithing? We feel it’s a biblical and good thing, but we don’t “push” anyone to tithe. I’m pretty sure that Ross’ least favorite sermon subject is tithing so those sermons are few and far between.


What if I'm just curious about God and not really sure if I believe in him? Wonderful, please come join us. I am confident that you won’t feel any pressure to “decide” anything from us. Our goal would be to make the issues clearer so that you can decide when you are ready. Our other goal would be to create a time for you to interact with God himself. I hear He likes to do that!

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